Multi-Disciplinary Journal
Editorial Procedures and Peer-Review

Initial Checks

All submitted manuscripts received by the Editorial Office will be checked by a professional in-house Managing Editor to determine whether they are properly prepared and whether they follow the ethical policies of the journal. Manuscripts that do not fit the journal's ethics policy or do not meet the standards of the journal will be rejected before peer-review. This information will be informed to you. Manuscripts that are not properly prepared will be returned to the authors for revision and resubmission. After these checks, the Managing Editor will consult the journals’ Editor-in-Chief or Associate Editors to determine whether the manuscript fits the scope of the journal and whether it is scientifically sound. No judgment on the potential impact of the work will be made at this stage. Reject decisions at this stage will be verified by the Editor-in-Chief.

Anti- plagiarism Check

Before the submission of manuscript the authors are required to get it checked from anyone of the below mentioned anti-plagiarism softwares. List of Softwares are as follows-


Once a manuscript passes the initial checks, it will be assigned to at least two independent experts for peer-review. In-house assistant editors may invite experts, including recommended by an academic editor. These experts may also include Editorial Board members and Guest Editors of the journal. Potential reviewers suggested by the authors may also be considered. Reviewers should not have published with any of the co-authors during the past five years and should not currently work or collaborate with any of the institutions of the co-authors of the submitted manuscript.

Editorial Decision and Revision

All the articles, reviews and communications published in the journal will go through the peer-review process and receive at least two reviews. The editor will communicate the decision which will be one of the following:

  • 1) Accept

  • 2) Accept after Minor Revisions: The paper is in principle accepted after revision based on the reviewer’s comments. Authors will be given five days for minor revisions.

  • 3) Reconsider after Major Revision: The acceptance of the manuscript would depend on the revisions. Usually, only one round of major revisions is allowed. Authors will be asked to resubmit the revised paper within a suitable time frame, and the revised version will be returned to the reviewer for further comments.

  • 4) Reject and encourage Resubmission: If additional data is needed to support the conclusions, the manuscript will be rejected and the authors will be encouraged to re-submit the paper after suitable modification.

  • 5) Reject: If the article has serious flaws and/or makes no original significant contribution, it may be rejected outright. No communication will be entertained in this respect.

Author Appeals

Authors may appeal a rejection by sending an e-mail to the Editorial Office of the journal,within eight days of submission of the manuscript.No refund will be entertained in such a case.

Production and Publication

Once accepted, the manuscript will undergo professional copy-editing, English editing, proof reading by the authors, final corrections, pagination, and, publication on the website.