Multi-Disciplinary Journal

July - 2023

1. Assessment of Functional Outcome Following an Episiotomy

2. Admet Study Of Phytochemicals Used In Autoimmune Disease

3. Role Of Nigella Sativa Seeds In Treatment of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

4. Review Study on Participation of Underprivileged People in Covid Pandemic Situation

5. Assessment Of Level Of Physical Fitness And Level Of Mental Stress In Students

6. Wellness Awareness and Measures Effective For Wellness Restoration

7. Leverage of Technological Advancement To The Indian Judiciary

8. Restoration Of Indian Economy After Covid-19 (Selected Issues)

9. Fog Computing A Boost For Cloud Computing And IoT

10. Exploration of Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Medical Students An Institutional Case study

12. A Study on The Awareness of Utilization of Reproductive And Child Health Services in The Selected Villages of Pune City

13. Study To Assess The Effectiveness Of Self Instructional Module On Neonatal Care Among Primi Mothers Others In Rural Area

14. Assess the Effectiveness of Health Education Programme on Knowledge Regarding Home Management of Children Suffering from Asthma among Mothers at Rural Area of Pune District

15. A Comparative Study To Assess The Level Of Attitude Towards Patient Assessment Among Male And Female Nursing Students In Selected Nursing College

16. A study for Reproductive health awareness Day- Ms .Kanchan Kumbhar

17. A study To Assess the Effectiveness of Self -Instruction Module Regarding Knowledge on Prevention of Iron Deficiency Anemia Among 8th 10th Standard Girls in Selected school, Pune

18. The Psychological Implications of Patients with Diabetes on their Spouse A Review

19. A study to assess knowledge and attitude regarding Garbhasanskar among antenatal mothers in selected urban Area

20.Effect Of Handgrip Isometric Exercise On Level Of Blood Pressure Among Hypertensive Patients At Selected Hospitals Of City

21. Assessment Of Level Of Knowledge Regarding Child Abuse And It's Prevention Among Mothers In A Selected Rural Area Of Maharashtra

22. A Study to Assess Efficacy of Video Assisted Teaching Programmme on Behavioral Problems Among Preschool Children of Employed and Unemployed Mother in Selected Communities of Maharashtra